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Last Updated: 11-22-2021

The Themes module is now updated with a new Student Manual PDF and a new eLearning presentation.

Last Updated: 11-15-2021

The JEE courseware is now updated with new courses and eLearning presentations.

Last Updated: 11-1-2021

The Correspondence Management course is now online. This is a 2-Day course hands-on course where you will create a data-driven Letter template and system with the Adobe Correspondence Management module.

Last Updated: 11-8-2021

The Accessibility module has been updated with an all-new eLearn module.

Last Updated: 11-1-2021

As promised, we have a live testing version of the new AEM Forms Forum. We are still in the testing phase. The goal is to make it easier for all of us to share questions and information. Feel free to email us if you would like to participate in this project.

Last Updated: 10-26-2021

Major new Programming section is now live. Many other pages also updated.

Last Updated: 8-23-2021

The XML and XML Schema class is New!  This new module includes a new eLearn presentation.

Last Updated: 8-16-2021

The Advanced Scripting for Designer class is completely updated. Chapters include Script Objects and Functions, Adobe DOMs and Events, Web Services, Try-Catch Blocks, JavaScript Data Binding, and other advanced topics.

Last Updated: 8-9-2021

JavaScript Fundamentals is updated with new chapters and a new eLearn presentation. Study and master JavaScript syntax, data types, operators, and statements today.

Last Updated: 8-2-2021

Forms and Sign and Invoke a Form Data Model Service have been updated. Invoke a Form Data Model Service now includes a section on Watched Folder endpoints.

Last Updated: 7-29-2021

Known Issues has been updated for version 6.5.9.

Last Updated: 7-1-2021

The Workflow section has been updated with a new eLearn presentation and exercise PDF for Custom Workflow Steps.

Last Updated: 6-21-2021

The Workflow section has been updated with a new eLearn presentation and exercise PDF for Document Services.

Last Updated: 6-14-2021.

Process Form Submission has been updated with a new eLearn presentation and updated exercise PDF.

Last Updated: 6-7-2021

Associations and Invoke a Form Data Model Service have both been updated with new eLearn presentations and updated exercise PDFs.

Last Updated: 6-1-2021

The Forms Workflow, Adaptive Forms, and HTML Forms with Designer have all been updated with new eLearn presentations and updated exercise PDFs.